About Us

Redhead Photography LLC was founded in 2005 as inspiration from Deborah's redheaded newborn son, Reuvi.  Initially it was specialized in baby and child photography, but later in 2006, expanded that to include newborn photography.  From that point, Deborah's already present professional photography skills added on an entirely new challenge - calming, positioning, and posing newborns into serene, fetal-like poses.

By 2011, with the birth of her 3rd child, Deborah's newborn photography skills reached the top of the industry.  For the next several years, Redhead Photography would prove to become the elite newborn, baby, and maternity photography outlet in the NY/NJ tri-state area.  By 2013, with her 4th baby, Deborah was featured on TV 7 times, on networks ranging from CBS, to Fox News, MTV, and even Insider!  Newborn photography, maternity photography, and even underwater maternity photography (a very highly specialized and sought after specialty) was captured on video for all to see!

Since, Deborah has been capturing hundreds of babies, and newborns alike, per year.  She has an unbelievable success rate, especially since newborns can be unpredictable.  Her "newborn prep" for mom's prior to their session, has proven to be invaluable and allows Deborah to create her magic in the studio!  Deborah uses medium format digital cameras, including a Hassleblad & Fuji, which give extremely large, detailed images for client's to enjoy.  This is rather rare in industry, as the equipment tends to be very expensive.  

Deborah enjoys spending time with her 4 children, and service dog Beans (Lillee), when not at the studio.  She also manages the day to day operations and marketing for the family's other prominent business, Sage Dental, whose office is above the Wall Studio location.  

Thankfully, Deborah was able to be fully Covid vaccinated (via 1A) being that she also works in healthcare, and knows how vital sterility is when dealing with new immune systems. Not only does RHP take extreme precautions during sessions, including not wearing shoes in studio, but being vaccinated against Covid-19 is yet another level of protection.

Redhead Photography takes appointment bookings Monday - Thursday, and by request Friday and/or Sunday as available.  We look forward to working with you!